All my music is gone

2009-04-09 01:03:39 by XxCRUCIFIEDxX

But it is only for the time being. I am currently re-working some of the songs based on the suggestions of all of you, and working on some other projects. I appreciate your input and support.

\m/ HAIL! \m/


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2009-04-12 19:36:58

Awesome man, hey give my song a review?


2009-04-20 22:18:18

well... it's a shame they're down... but as long as they end up bigger and better, I guess that's cool. Too many people ripping their music down at the moment though... what's going on!!?!?!?

XxCRUCIFIEDxX responds:

Just cleanin' house and comin back with a VENGEANCE!!

\m/ HAIL! \m/


2009-06-11 03:20:53

well ill b damd lol. just dropn by to say hi and im glad to see u still left our little piece together up lol. well also if you didnt know im having a kid in december so thats pretty cool i thought id tell ya.

anyways iv been working on this really cool epic power/ progressive metal song that has your name written all over it. maybe if you have time in the future you can have your hand at it.

ttyl bro



2009-08-02 03:51:41

hey man do you have the instumental version of return again by Cowmeat? i've been looking for it everywhere!!!